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Radiological Imaging Technology

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RIT: At the Peak of QA

Radiological Imaging Technology provides medical physicists with an all-encompassing range of industry-leading QA software solutions, specifically engineered to ensure proper compliance with established protocols within the fields of therapeutic and diagnostic physics. RIT’s convenient packages include patient, machine and imaging QA for linear accelerators (TG-142), comprehensive routines for TomoTherapy® (TG-148) and CyberKnife® (TG-135), and automated phantom analysis for diagnostic imaging.

TomoTherapy® and CyberKnife® are registered trademarks of Accuray, Inc.


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RIT Family of Products Version 6.7.X

Experience advanced precision QA and QC with RIT's latest upgrade to the RIT Family of Products: Version 6.7.X. New feature highlights include:

  • Sub-Millimeter 3D Winston-Lutz (Isocenter Optimization)
  • Cerberus 2.0 for Completely Hands-Free Imaging QA/QC
  • TomoTherapy® Registration for Patient QA
  • Custom and Default Tolerance Management for All Phantom Analyses
  • Fully-Automated QCkV-1 Phantom Analysis
  • Fast and accurate Elekta Leaf Speed Analysis
  • Convenient, Cloud-Based Software License Management
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