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January 23, 2019

Achieve Sub-Millimeter Accuracy with RIT's Isocenter Optimization Module

Lead by: Gaurav Shastri, M.S. - Medical Physicist

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Learn how you can achieve sub-millimeter accuracy in your Machine QA measurements with RIT's Isocenter Alignment routine (3D Winston-Lutz), a favorite among RIT customers, that keeps getting more precise with every new version. Optimize your SRS/SBRT delivery: Using only a set of EPID Winston-Lutz images, the RIT system will calculate deviations between radiation and mechanical isocenter, determine ball/BB setup error, and suggest couch alignment adjustments to optimize your system’s accuracy. In Version 6.7.X, the accuracy of RIT's enhanced isocenter optimization routine now surpasses sub-millimeter resolution.


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New Feature: Flatbed Non-Uniformity Correction
Learn how to perform the newly-enabled Flatbed Non-Uniformity Correction. This advanced feature corrects for flatness and uniformity variations in scanners, corrects for non-uniformities in EBT2 and EBT3 film to improve the film's dosimetric accuracy, and provides you with the option to automatically-generate a calibration file.

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