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Product Maintenance Program (PMP)

Protect your RIT QA Software Investment with RIT's Product Maintenance Program

Medical Physics is a rapidly-changing field, and RIT is dedicated to developing leading edge QA software solutions. Members of RIT's Product Maintenance Program (PMP) stay ahead of emerging imaging and treatment QA methods, as well as new regulatory requirements. Have peace of mind know your trusted choice in QA software actively stays current!

Benefits of PMP

RIT's Latest and Greatest at Your Fingertips

Get exclusive access to software updates, new features, and product enhancements. Conveniently download RIT software upgrades online, at any time. Ensure that you utilize the latest innovations to achieve the most precise measurements and maximize the efficiency in your QA workflow.

Enhanced Cybersecurity with Every Version

With each software update comes increased cybersecurity capabilities. RIT carefully follows the ISO and FDA guidelines for cybersecurity of medical devices and stays proactive in enhancing our software protection for any new and emerging threats. We continually invest in our cybersecurity capabilities and hope that RIT customers will do the same to ensure they stay ahead and mitigate any cybersecurity risks.

RIT's Latest and Greatest Updates
Advanced RIT Technical Support

Advanced Physics and Technical Support

Receive unlimited phone, email, and remote support from RIT's team of dedicated technical software experts and medical physicists. RIT Technical Support is here for you: We can diagnose and offer solutions to any potential problem and provide assistance with downloading and/or installing new products and software upgrades.

Virtual Software Training Classes

Conveniently learn basic and advanced quality assurance techniques on-demand, in the comfort of your own office or home. RIT’s virtual classroom training sessions will train you in the basic and advanced knowledge of quality assurance techniques using the RIT Family of Products. View the on-demand videos at any time on our website for educational purposes, or earn MPCEC hours during our scheduled live sessions, offered periodically.

RIT Classroom Training
Personal RIT Software Demos

One-On-One Training

Request unlimited, personal RIT software training to fit your schedule. Invite colleagues from your department or satellite facilities to join the session, hosted by a Medical Physicist.

RIT Monthly Webinars

In-Depth Webinars

Register for RIT's free educational webinars to learn about specific products and features. RIT's webinars are led by RIT product experts and are offered at two convenient time options.

Video Training On Demand

Video Training Library

Gain exclusive access to RIT's extensive online video training library. Watch in-depth video tutorials on specific RIT software features and routines on-demand: anytime, anywhere.


Convenient Account Management

Customize your online profile and view available RIT software upgrades in one, easy-to-use interface. Easily check your PMP status and the expiration date on every previously-purchased RIT software product.



Why engage in a subscription program with a company like RIT?

In 1993, Radiological Imaging Technology, Inc. established the gold-standard for precision dose image quality assurance. Then, in 1997, RIT developed the first intensity-modulated radiation therapy (IMRT) QA software in the world. This helped make IMRT treatment available in local centers of any size, which was previously limited to centers with substantial staff members and large budgets. RIT has consistently been at the forefront of the medical physics QA industry. RIT is a company you can trust, and the value of RIT software upgrades far exceeds the investment in the Product Maintenance Program (PMP) renewal price. To view a full video of RIT firsts, click here.

Our facility does not typically purchase subscription-based maintenance. Why purchase one from RIT?

We strongly encourage participation in our PMP subscription, and almost all RIT customers elect to participate. PMP participants automatically receive the enhancements we develop in response to the needs of our 2,500+ hospital sites. By enrolling in PMP, you will receive the latest advancements in QA as they are developed, as well as advanced, unlimited technical support via phone or email. Completely eliminate the costs of new software versions: PMP participants can download the latest upgrades without making an extra purchase. Staying current in your PMP subscription also means you stay knowledgeable and avoid software learning curves if you were to transition into new therapies or purchase new equipment, as you already have precision QA tools to do the job.

How much does the PMP subscription cost?

When you purchase any software package in the RIT Family of Products, RIT provides one year of enrollment in our Product Maintenance Program (PMP), at no charge, for each product. Within this first complimentary year, RIT users may download all new software upgrades and enhancements produced throughout that year. RIT also provides updated user manuals and support documentation, as well as unlimited complimentary telephone, internet, and web-based technical support.

After the initial complimentary year, RIT offers an annual renewable membership, which allows you to ensure your software package(s) stays up-to-date with the latest developments. You will also have access to unlimited technical support via phone or email, from a team of RIT product experts. Prices vary depending on your software package(s). For a price estimate, please complete and submit our Quote Request Form and a sales representative will be in touch with you soon.

Can I purchase multiple years of PMP?

Yes. Purchasing multiple years of RIT's PMP subscription upfront offers protection against price increases and in some cases, may actually be more likely to get approved with an institution's purchasing department. RIT also offers a discount of 2.5% for a PMP subscription purchase of 3 years and a discount of 5% on a purchase of 5 years, when paid upfront. Please note that in order to receive a discount or subscription price guarantee, payment must be paid upfront in full and blanket purchase orders are not accepted.

What are my payment options for PMP?

All RIT software users automatically receive a renewal notice three months prior to a product's PMP expiration date, before a product falls 'out-of-support.' This provides the opportunity to renew an ongoing PMP membership to remain 'in-support' for that product. Payment must be received in full to continue membership. Payment may be made via check, Visa/MasterCard/American Express, EFT, or wire transfer. RIT will also accept a purchase order with our terms of net 30 (due in 30 days).

When does my PMP start?

Your product's PMP start date and expiration/renewal date is determined by the date of the purchase of your software product(s). The first year is complimentary, starting the day the new RIT software product is shipped to the customer. The expiration or renewal date is one year after the shipping date, and that same date yearly thereafter. Renewal notifications are sent 90 days, 60 days, and 30 days prior to your PMP expiration date, but are not sent in years after. In special cases where the customer does not have access to the software download immediately after purchase, RIT will adjust the renewal date to the date the software was licensed.

Can I change my PMP renewal/expiration date?

We are happy to change PMP renewal dates to accommodate budget cycles, but we cannot offer them for a period of less than one year. If you need to change your renewal date to meet a budgeting cycle, RIT will issue an invoice for the period of one year plus the number of months needed to adjust the date to your budgeting month. For example, if your original PMP renewal date is Feb. 14, 2020 and you would like to request a renewal date of Jul. 4, 2021, an invoice would be created for PMP with one line item for PMP from Feb. 14, 2020 to Feb. 14, 2021 in the amount of the annual fee. Then, a second line item would be added for PMP for the remaining months, the period of Feb. 15, 2021 to Jul. 4, 2021, in the amount of an amortized daily rate for that period. Upon receipt of payment, the annual renewal date will be changed to Jul. 4, XXXX.

My PMP subscription has expired (is out-of-support), but I want to update my software to the latest version. How does this work?

If a RIT user declines to participate in our PMP program and thus elects not to maintain the latest software versions, you will have to purchase the prior version(s) in order to update to the current version. The RIT Family of Products are FDA-regulated (21CFR 802.5050). Each version of every RIT software product package is built upon the previous version’s platform. Therefore, it is not possible to skip upgrades and "leapfrog" to newer version at a later date.

My PMP subscription has expired (is out-of-support), but I require assistance from technical support. How does this work?

As is customary throughout the software industry, technical support can be purchased on an individual 'per-incident' basis, and rates vary. For support, simply call (+1.719.590.1077 Opt. 1) or email ( RIT Technical Support and explain that although you are not an in-support participant of PMP and that you wish to purchase technical support for a particular incident. An 'incident' is defined as a single support issue and the reasonable effort to resolve it over a series of telephone or email communications. Payment will be required at the time of the initial call and can be made via check, Visa/MasterCard/American Express, or EFT. RIT will not accept purchase orders for technical support incidents.

What kind of technical support do you provide?

All new purchases of RIT software packages receive one full year complimentary PMP with unlimited telephone, email and website-based technical support, depending on a customer's communication preference. Customers that renew their PMP subscription will continue to receive this support for the duration of their subscription. RIT Technical Support is readily available to you in a variety of formats, including a knowledge base and library of video training modules on RIT’s website that are only accessible to PMP participants. With over 25 years of experience in the industry, it is very unlikely that you will encounter a situation that RIT Technical Support has not seen and solved before.

I didn’t call RIT Technical Support last year. Can you credit me for that year or keep me in the program for this next year at no charge?

Unfortunately, no. PMP is primarily a software upgrade program. Technical support is complimentary as an added value to the program. Even if you did not find a need to use our technical support team, they and our extensive website technical support system were available to you. Usually at least one software upgrade is issued each year. Therefore, even if you did not access technical support, you have received the benefit of the PMP program.

Is training included in PMP?

Yes. The purchase of any RIT software product includes tuition valued at $1200.00 per person, for any number of participants to attend RIT Family of Products software training class. While there is no cash value, customers who have purchased a PMP subscription will receive complimentary entry to these classes during the duration of their subscription. Participants may send as many physicists from a facility to RIT's training classes as often as desired. For more information on RIT Classroom Training, click here.

PMP participants also have the opportunity to register for RIT's free monthly webinars, which cover specific products and features. RIT's webinars are led by a medical physicist and are offered at two convenient time options. RIT webinars also become available online after the live session and the videos are uploaded to watch at the convenience of PMP participants. To see a schedule of upcoming webinars, click here.

Renewing Your PMP

Easily Renew Your PMP Subscription

Your continued investment in RIT software is one of the smartest choices you can make, so we highly recommend keeping all of your products in-support with RIT's Product Maintenance Program. Renewing your PMP subscription is easy! RIT prides itself on offering exceptional support, so we will notify you when a products' renewal/expiration date is approaching, 3 months, 2 months, and 1 month out. You may also contact us anytime to discuss your PMP renewal, and we would be happy to assist you.


719-590-1077, Option 3