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RIT Film

RIT Film provides a full suite of film dosimetry routines, including patient & basic machine QA.

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  • Depth Profiles (including Electron Energy and PDD)
  • Cross Profiles (including Flatness/Symmetry, Penumbra, FWHM, Integrated Dose, and more)
  • Dose Calibration (Perpendicular, Parallel, MLC Stepwedge, OD)
  • Plan-Based Calibration
  • Scanner Spatial Calibration
  • VIDAR Scan
  • Radiochromic Film Non-Uniformity Correction
  • Isodose Measurements
  • Radiation vs. Light Field Alignment
  • Star Shot analysis
  • Quick Flatness and Symmetry
  • Stereotactic Cone Profiles and Cone Alignment
  • IMRT Image Registration (including automatic and template based)
  • IMRT Measurements (including Gamma Analysis, DTA, Dose Difference, Profiles, Isodose, and more)
  • RunQueueA for automating IMRT Measurements
  • Field Alignment