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OEM Custom Solutions

Radiological Imaging Technology® can provide OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) custom solutions for your organization’s QA and Image Processing needs. If you need focused solutions for your service engineers, physics staff or customer base, we can provide it at a competitive price and superior quality.


  • Design and validation of custom QA routines for your product and procedures
    We can take your specifications and design custom automated routines to improve speed, accuracy and repeatability for your QA tests and QA data. We provide validated results and testing within our ISO 13485 compliant system.

  • Customization of existing QA routines to streamline workflow for your specific needs
    We can adapt our existing routines to minimize data entry and manual steps for your users. Make use of our Cerberus system to automate your processes.

  • Data tracking and management
    Use our RITtrend system to track and manage your test data.

  • Complete turnkey standalone solutions
    Complete standalone applications deployed on a variety of platforms and configurations.

  • Custom components for integration into your systems
    Individual components that can be integrated into your platform to handle specific image processing or data analysis needs

  • Custom tool-kits to streamline your development
    Development tool-kits to shorten your product development life cycle.

  • Hardware device drivers and interfaces
    RIT can design robust interfaces to integrate your devices into the QA workflow.

  • Deployment and licensing management services
    Management of deployment and licensing solutions for your software.

  • Technical support services
    Multiple levels of technical support services for your product.

  • Medical image processing services
    RIT will analyze your images for you and send you a report.



To discuss your needs, contact RIT Sales:
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