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Fast, consistent batch phantom analysis
with a single click



RunQueueC is a feature included in all software packages with imaging QC capabilities. This includes RIT Complete, RITG142, RITG148+, Radia Therapy, and Radia Diagnostic. RunQueueC performs one-click batch analysis on any number of images that are queued into the system. This feature is very useful for:

  • Simultaneously running all modules of a CBCT scan (e.g. CATPHAN®), as pictured in the workflow illustration below.
  • Processing MV/kV images with a single click.
  • Saving time, with no need to sift through a stack of DICOM images to look for a specific image to analyze.
  • Analyzing troves of archived data and instantaneously adding them to RITtrend™ for tracking and trending.

  RunQueueC Workflow

1. One-Time Setup

Create reusable analysis protocols, checklists, and reporting scripts for your imaging QC.

2. Execute RunQueueC

Select a large set of images to create a batch. Next, execute one of the pre-established protocols to automatically-generate reports.

3. Automatic Analysis

In seconds, each image slice of the phantom will be analyzed automatically and the results exported to your preferred format.


The graphic above illustrates the simplified workflow when using RunQueueC to perform batch analysis on images from the CATPHAN® phantom. After you acquire entire stack of CATPHAN® DICOM images, you will specify the folder in RunQueueC and the images will be batch-processed for analysis at once. There is no need to manually pick out each, individual image and process separately, completely streamlining your imaging QC workflow.

RunQueueC Chart


Lastly, after the analysis is completed, you can select the format for the exporting the results. Preference profile customization has been added to RunQueueC to increase convenience and efficiency for our users. Your preference and tolerance profiles can be loaded directly from the interface, without having to open the Profile Manager. This allows you to easily select a profile for a customized analysis report specific to your machine. Reports can be generated in the form of PDFs, Excel spreadsheets, or uploaded to the RITtrend™ SPC database for statistical tracking and trending.

CATPHAN® is a registered trademark of The Phantom Laboratory.