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RIT software is used in more than 2,800 hospitals, including 46 of the Top 50 U.S. Cancer Treatment Hospitals* and worldwide in 75 countries. With over 31 years of experience, RIT continues to lead the dosimetry market in innovation and holds 29 U.S. and international patents on our QA routines.

*US News & World Report: 2023 Report of Best Hospitals for Cancer

RIT's software is used in over 75 countries and six continents worldwide, highlighted in turquoise.


Our Company

Dan Ritt

Dan Ritt - President & Chief Engineer

RIT was founded in 1993 by Daniel M. Ritt and Ellen Miller Ritt. RIT received FDA clearance on RIT radiation therapy film dosimetry that year, and sold our first system soon thereafter. RIT's revolutionary innovations provided clinical and research physicists with the first high precision automated QA tool for advanced radiation therapies.



RIT quickly became recognized as the leading innovator in precision automated QA, developing the first automated IMRT (Intensity-Modulated Radiation Therapy) analysis. This was used by the first commercial IMRT Treatment Planning System manufacturer to document and verify IMRT Dose delivery for its FDA application. RIT's IMRT QA analysis provided clinical physicists with the tools necessary to analyze this new and advanced cancer treatment, thereby participating in the rapid availability of this treatment, which significantly improves cancer survival rates, to the community hospital level, both in the United States and worldwide. RIT is the only radiation therapy QA system available that interfaces with every commercially- available TPS system, and was the first manufacturer to offer independent dose QA for direct digital images from CR and EPID.

Powered by Sustainable Energy

RIT Solar Array


RIT moved to our facility on List Drive in January of 2008. Adjacent to the RIT building was a 1.3-acre, undeveloped lot. In an effort to support our environment, reduce our carbon footprint, and encourage others to follow our example, RIT installed a Ground Mounted Solar Array on this piece of land.

The solar array was built in two phases. The first development phase consists of (312) 200 W solar modules for a total of 62.4 KW (DC), providing more than 110% of the electrical power needed for our facility. Phase I was initiated on July 1, 2009. The second development phase consists of (371) 230 W solar modules for an additional 85.3 KW (DC) of power-generating capacity. Phase II was initiated on June 21, 2010. Phase II produces enough power to supply over 43 homes with electricity.

In total, Phase I and Phase II include 683 solar panels and produce 147.73 KW (DC). Additional power, generated in excess of the RIT facility usage, is sold to Colorado Springs Utilities by feeding directly into the electrical grid. The power generated by Phase I and Phase II make RIT one of the largest independent energy producers in Southern Colorado.

This Ground Mounted Solar Array was designed and built by Rocky Mountain Solar and Wind. Phase I was developed in cooperation with Colorado Springs Utilities, under the Renewable Energy Rebate Program for Photovoltaics. Phases I and II were also supported by the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.