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RIT is your best source for helical tomotherapy tests TG-148.

These automated QA tests include:

  • Y-jaw divergence/beam centering
  • Y-jaw/gantry rotation plane alignment
  • Gantry angle consistency
  • Treatment field centering
  • Couch translation/gantry rotation
  • Interrupted Treatment
  • MLC alignment test
  • Laser localization
  • Built in RITtrend reporting and trending
  • PDF reports for every analysis routine

Image Quality Tests (24x24 CM)

  • CT Number to Density
  • Uniformity
  • Resolution
  • Contrast
  • Noise
  • Geometric Accuracy (New in V6.6)
  • Geometric Distortion (New in V6.6)
  • Crop images with Pin Prick, Erase and ROI tool (New in V6.6)

For users requiring both Machine & Patient QA, try