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RITG135 One Software Product for All CyberKnife Machine QA


RITG135 is a new, dedicated software package for all your CyberKnife® machine QA needs. These automated routines and analyses ensure rapid results, without compromising measurement precision.


Assembled to coincide with recommended QA tasks outlined within TG-135, this software package includes analyses for the End-to-End, AQA, Iris, Laser Coincidence, and M6 MLC Tests. Designed to simplify and enhance current methods for performing these routine tasks, RITG135 provides a user-friendly interface with minimal user interaction, reducing the likelihood of errors and ensuring reproducible measurement templates.

Automated film detection algorithms eliminate the need for manual manipulation or alignment of images, significantly reducing the time needed to perform these tests. Easily create PDF reports for either individual or combined routines, and export to our RITtrend database for simple tracking and trending of results over time.


  • End-to-End Test:
    • Ball Cube 2 phantom (Fully-automated; No film flipping or mirroring needed)
    • Ball Cube phantom
    • Mini Ball Cube phantom
  • AQA Test
  • IRIS Test
  • Laser Coincidence Test
  • Fully-Automated M6 MLC Test

Fully Automated Machine QA

Built-In Features

  • RITtrend™ statistical database for reporting and trending
  • PDF reports for every analysis routine


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