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The Only Single Vendor Solution That Performs or Trends EVERY TG-142 Test

Results from your analysis are input into your RIT Statistical Trend Analysis Database. One of our most popular functions can now include data for multiple (unlimited) machines making reporting and comparison easier than ever. This routine gives you the power to save all of your test results in a database for analysis. It gives you a Statistical Process Control run chart with limits designed to separate random and non-random variation in your data. It also gives you a histogram showing the distribution statistics of the data.


  • IGRT Daily QA
  • CBCT imaging for OBI and XVI
  • Planar kV Imaging
  • Planar MV (EPID) Imaging
  • MLC accuracy
  • Enhanced Stereotactic (Winston-Lutz) with Virtual Star Shot (US Patent 9192784, JP Patent 6009705, CA Patent 2918045 and other International Patents pending)
  • Radiation vs. Light Field
  • Beam profiles / Flatness / Symmetry
  • Starshots and more

RIT EPID Phantom Tests (24X24cm)

  • Contrast
  • Resolution (MTF)
  • Geometric Distortion
  • Uniformity
  • Noise
  • Constancy in 5 areas