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Optimized TG-142 QA for Varian

RIT provides Varian users with a standardized patient file pre-loaded with treatment plans that cover every TG-142 test that the RIT family of products can analyze. Images are automatically sorted and analyzed using a built in Cerberus script to significantly reduce QA time and lessen the burden of performing routine QA procedures. Results can be quickly and seamlessly submitted to our built-in RITtrend database for trending and statistical analysis.



Run the RIT supplied plan file to produce a picket fence pattern that can be analyzed with a single click. This automated routine automatically compensates for imager SID and lateral shifts. The image is analyzed for leaf position and leaf gap. The results can be exported to a formatted PDF report, Excel files or stored in a RITtrend database to track results over time.


RapidArc MLC

Now supporting 40x40 cm imagers!

  • Test 0.1: dMLC Dosimetry

  • Test 0.2: Picket Fence Test vs. Gantry Angle

  • Test 1.1: Picket Fence Test during RapidArc

  • Test 1.2: Picket Fence Test during RapidArc with Intentional Errors

  • Test 2: Accurate Control of Dose Rate and Gantry Speed during RapidArc Delivery

  • Test 3: Accurate Control of Leaf Speed during RapidArc Delivery


Hancock Test (Leaf and Jaw Positional Accuracy)

MLC and Jaw QA

The Hancock test makes MLC and Jaw QA simple for Elekta machines. The test follows a simple image acquisition procedure on the iViewGT system, with automatic processing and reporting by RIT. This test has versions specifically formatted for the Agility MLC head and the MLCi2 head. The Hancock test encompasses several mechanical tests including MLC position accuracy, jaw position accuracy, and takes into consideration iViewGT imager position movement and collimator rotation isocenter walkout. The Hancock test results can be used as input data for adjusting the MLC and jaw calibration in the Elekta TCS (Treatment Control System). The RIT Hancock test is the only system that meets the TG-142 requirement to measure backup jaw position relative to leaf position. The RIT system easily and seamlessly supports JPEG and HIS images from iViewGT.

Track your results in the RITtrend database or export them to PDF or Excel formats.


Isocenter QA

The RIT family of products come equipped with an automated 3D Stereotactic Alignment routine to give you a fast and accurate measurement of isocenter position. Using only a set of EPID Winston-Lutz images, the RIT system will calculate isocenter displacement, determine wobble around the isocenter, and suggest couch position adjustments to optimize your system’s accuracy.

Eliminate your need for films, and increase your accuracy by using the all new Virtual Starshot, reconstructed using a set of Winston-Lutz images!
US Patent 9192784, JP Patent 6009705, CA Patent 2918045, and other International Patents pending.


Imaging Tests

  • Catphan 503 for Elekta XVI

  • Planar kV Imaging

  • Planar MV (EPID) Imaging

  • IGRT / kV-MV Coincidence

Other MLC QA Options

RIT113 automatically analyzes the 9 Varian dMLC test patterns to determine proper MLC operation. Quantitative results as well as Pass/Fail results are reported. These tests evaluate positional accuracy of the leaves, kinetic properties (including leaf speed stability), leaf acceleration, and fractional dose delivery. This method utilizes test patterns for step-and-shoot and sliding window techniques.


Picket Fence

Support for Varian 40X40 EPID for both Millenium 120 and Millenium 120 HD MLC.

RIT113 also analyzes Leaf Transmission according to TG-50.

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