RIT provides fast, robust, and accurate analysis of all imaging tests recommended in TG-142.  Easily automate your LINAC image QA and get quantitative, repeatable analysis for all tests. Full reports of all imaging tests are easily generated, and results can be automatically tracked with RITtrend.


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EPID QC - Planar MV

The easy to use RIT EPID phantom is compatible with any EPID, including Elekta iView, Varian aS500, aS1000 and aS1200, and Siemens EPIDs. The RIT EPID phantom streamlines your planar MV imaging QA process by providing fast, accurate analysis of your EPID.



Catphan/OBI, kV/MV & Cone Beam CT

  • IMT ISOCube™ - kV/MV Matching
  • XVI LCV Module
  • XVI Resolution Module
  • Varian 504
  • Elekta 503
  • Siemens Image Quality
  • Catphan 500/600


Entire scans are quickly analyzed with easy to interpret results. In addition, RIT includes specialized routines for Elekta XVI that match vendor specifications, including multiple collimator settings, frame averaging, and sagittal reconstruction.

ISOCube™ is a trademark of IMT, Inc. 


DR/CR/Fluoro kV Imaging

  • IBA Primus L (30x30cm)
  • Leeds TOR 18FG
  • NORMI 4 FLU (30x30cm)


Our DR/CR/Fluoro Module kV imaging tests are used to measure the full field performance of OBI systems on LINACs and Cyberknife. Complete tests of Contrast, Uniformity, Noise, Modulation, kV, and Geometric Distortion are performed over large field areas (30cmx30cm). These tests ensure compliance with the TG-142 Table 6 recommendations for Planar kV imaging.



Electron Density/Tissue Characterization

  • CIRS 062 + 062A (cone beam)
  • Gammex 467
  • Tomo Cheese







Radiation/Light Field

  • RIT L-Rad (5x5cm to 20x20cm)