Radia Diagnostic features the most robust and automated CT phantom analysis on the market.  Easily score vendor-supplied and ACR test phantoms, allowing fast, quantitative, repeatable results for:

  • HU accuracy and constancy
  • Geometric distortion
  • Slice thickness
  • Contrast and Noise
  • Resolution 

Radia Diagnostic supports:

  • ACR CT phantom (Gammex 464 Phantom)
  • Catphan 500/600
  • GE CT phantom




Automate your MRI QC testing with Radia Diagnostic.  ACR MRI  and other phantom results are easily quantified, tracked, and reported, providing you with robust measurements for:

  • Resolution
  • Slice thickness
  • Geometric accuracy
  • Uniformity, noise, and signal ghosting
  • Low contrast detectability

Radia Diagnostic supports:

  • ACR Large MRI phantom
  • ACR Small MRI phantom
  • Leeds MagIQ phantom



DR/CR/Fluoro kV Imaging

Module and Test

  • DISC Plus
  • IBA Primus L
  • Leeds TOR-18
  • PTW Normi-4

Radia Outputs

  • Mean, standard deviation and contrast ratio for each step
  • Contrast-to-noise ratio for each low contrast object
  • Uniformity and noise
  • MTF reported for the resolution pattern
  • Geometric distortion measurement



Complete automatic scoring of the new ACR FFDM to full requirements. Scores fibers, specs and masses to half a point. Also scores contrast to noise, signal to noise, and insert size.




Dental CBCT

The Leeds Sedentex CBCT module is the only automated software solution for analyzing Dental CBCT images. 


Results include:

  • Uniformity and Noise
  • Geometric Distortion
  • High-Density artifacts
  • Low contrast detectability
  • Resolution