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When One Click Is Just Too Many

RITCognition does true independent and automatic image classification using a series of discrimination routines to determine the correct phantom associated with each image. This enables true automation in our image analysis routines.

The RIT Cognition system continuously updates itself to improve the discrimination accuracy of its classification models.
(US Patent #9466012)


RITCognition is Used in Three Main Areas:

  • Image QA Main Interface

    As the user opens an image, the software automatically classifies the image and proceeds to analyze it with no interaction from the user.

  • RunQueueC Interface

    The user can open multiple images and the software will analyze each one and automatically load the appropriate analysis.

  • Cerberus with Drag and Drop

    Simply use our file watcher or file hunter and have RITCognition automatically recognize the image, analyze it appropriately, and save the results. True automation.