Optimized TG-142 QA for Varian

RIT provides Varian users with a standardized patient file pre-loaded with treatment plans that cover every TG-142 test that the RIT family of products can analyze. Images are automatically sorted and analyzed using a built in Cerberus script to significantly reduce QA time and lessen the burden of performing routine QA procedures. Results can be quickly and seamlessly submitted to our built-in RITtrend database for trending and statistical analysis.








Run the RIT supplied plan file to produce a picket fence pattern that can be analyzed with a single click. This automated routine automatically compensates for imager SID and lateral shifts. The image is analyzed for leaf position and leaf gap. The results can be exported to a formatted PDF report, Excel files or stored in a RITtrend database to track results over time.








RapidArc MLC

Now supporting 40x40 cm imagers!
RIT supplies ready-made picket fence plans for both Millennium and HD MLCs, allowing for fast and accurate automated MLC QA with minimal setup. Complete your MLC QA with the RapidArc and MLC Leaf Speed routines. Monitor your system’s behavior with powerful process control and statistical analysis tools by submitting your results to the RITtrend database system. Automatically analyze the Varian RapidArc commissioning tests using EPID images. All the tests in this suite are covered:

  • Test 0.1: dMLC Dosimetry
  • Test 0.2: Picket Fence Test vs. Gantry Angle
  • Test 1.1: Picket Fence Test during RapidArc
  • Test 1.2: Picket Fence Test during RapidArc with Intentional Errors
  • Test 2: Accurate Control of Dose Rate and Gantry Speed during RapidArc Delivery
  • Test 3: Accurate Control of Leaf Speed during RapidArc Delivery